Where We Are Headed

It’s a well know fact that over 52% of all marriages end in divorce. It is not understood why 75% of these are being initiated by women.

With the rise in independence, the march towards equality in the sexes, and the evolution of the “Feminist Movement” do we see a dramatic change, a shift, in attitudes towards what has historically been a male dominated world. Roles are changing, and not always for the betterment of our lives together.

We intend to discuss these roles and learn from each other what it means to be a “Man” or a “Woman” in todays terms. What our inherent and learned behavior patterns mean and what makes us who we are, what we have become, and where we are headed. 

Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon is a digital design and strategist based in Portland, Oregon with clients throughout the United States, Europe and South America. With over a decade of experience in design, she also has extensive experience in public relations, digital media and developed the first college level classes using Squarespace as a web design tool.